We accompany organisations in the evolution of their business by making innovation accessible, scalable and profitable.

Innovation and Profitability

We collaborate with public administrations and companies from different sectors (tourism, industry, technology…) in the development of corporate innovation programmes.
We help our clients to organise their capabilities and design the services of the future, making their investment in innovation profitable.

We train teams

Innovation as a competitive advantage

We develop the innovation capacity of teams and create an innovation-oriented culture in organisations.
We train the organisation’s key teams in change management and transversal capabilities for innovation governance.

Change management

Agile Methodologies (PM2)

Soft Skills

European Programmes

Audit for funding

Don’t know where to start?

We help all types of organisations (Public Administrations, Large Companies, SMEs, Startups, Universities, Research Centres, Associations, Foundations, NGOs…) to detect innovation opportunities and we accompany them to:

Assessing your organisation’s capacity for innovation

Apply innovation methodologies

Implementing a Market Driven Innovative Ecosystem

Re-engineering your current innovation practices

Designing an innovation strategy

Managing change towards an innovative culture

Determining incentives and recognition of innovation

Create customised educational programmes for your executives, managers and employees.

Innovative public procurement

Public-private partnerships for a greener, more digital and resilient Europe

In order to improve the delivery of public services, we design programmes for public administrations that support the demand for strategic procurement, aligned with the European priorities of digital transformation, climate transition and social inclusion.
In addition, from the supply side, we help companies to participate in these competitive bidding processes.

Bring us your project

If you’d like to apply for public funding for your project or you’re looking for business initiatives to invest in, come and see us.