Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy regulates the use of data storage and recovery devices through the website accessible through the url www.quimera.fund that QUIMERA makes available to Internet users.

This Policy is an integral part of the Legal Notice accessible at any time from the QUIMERA portal.

Upon initial access to this site, individuals are informed – through the banner at the bottom of the site – of the use of cookies (and similar technologies) with an indication of the main purposes and the concurrence of responsible third parties. When the user starts browsing the site, he/she has the possibility to accept the use of cookies, as well as the option to configure them. Likewise, users may modify their browser settings at any time according to their preferences.

In order to expand and promote the proper use of cookies we provide users in this section some questions that may be of interest.


We define a cookie as any file that is sent with the purpose of requesting permission to be stored on the user’s device. By accepting this file, a cookie is created that is used to obtain information regarding web traffic and facilitates future visits to a recurring website (number of times the page has been visited, identification of the person, etc.). In this sense, another function that cookies have is that, through them, web pages can individually recognize users and users and, therefore, provide the best personalized service on your website.

Our website uses cookies to identify which pages are visited and how often. This information is used only for statistical analysis as they help to provide better service websites, although they do not give access to information from the devices of the users or the same, unless they want it and provide it directly.

Types of Cookies

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically because they serve to have a better web service, however, users of the QUIMERA website can delete them at any time from their device and accept or deny the use of them. In case of renouncing to this option, you must take into account, in any case, that declining them may result in not being able to use some of the services provided from the web.

The cookies used on the QUIMERA site respond to:

  • Strictly necessary Cookies: These are those that allow the user to navigate through the Portal and the use of the different options or services that are available such as, for example, control traffic and data communication, identify the type of browser, identify the session, access restricted areas, use the services made available to the User, use security features while browsing, identify user preferences or share content through social networks.
  • Targeted cookies: are those that allow the management, in the most effective way possible, of the advertising spaces included in the website. These cookies store behavioral information through the continuous observation of your browsing habits, which allows to develop a specific profile to display advertising based on it.
  • Performance cookies: these are a type of cookies designed and used for monitoring and analyzing the behavior of users. This type of cookies offers QUIMERA the measurement of the activity on the website through aggregated or statistical information.
  • Functionality cookies: these are cookies that enable information to be remembered so that users can access the service with certain characteristics that may differentiate their experience from that of others, such as, for example, the language, the number of results to be displayed when the user performs a search, the appearance or content of the service depending on the type of browser through which the service is accessed or the region from which the service is accessed, etc.
  • Social networking cookies: these cookies are set by a number of social networking services that have been added to the site to allow content to be shared across networks. These cookies are able to track your browser across other sites and create a profile of your interests.

We wish to emphasize that the cookies used on the QUIMERA website do not in themselves reveal personal information. Their analytical purpose uses identifiers, including IP, for the sole purpose of identifying the number of unique visitors to the website, their geographic origin or their web usage trend, but they do not identify individuals personally.

Cookie Management

Users of the website can set their preferences and configure the use of cookies through the configuration panel accessible via the banner published on the website.

In general, web browsers offer the User the possibility of managing the cookies installed by a specific website, obtaining information on their duration and the possibility of deactivating, restricting, blocking or deleting them. If this is the case, you can change your browser settings according to your preferences at any time. To carry out this deactivation, the following URLs must be used depending on the browser from which the website has been accessed.

Below are the corresponding links to the information on cookie management provided by the main browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer o Microsoft Edge:


  • Mozilla Firefox:


  • Chrome:


  • Safari:


  • Opera:


You should bear in mind that the configuration of your browser in order to prevent the installation of any cookies may affect the functioning of some of the Portal’s functionalities, as well as the visualization of some content.

General information

By accepting the use of cookies, the user consents to the downloading of cookies and/or similar technologies to his/her device if the corresponding option is enabled.

This Cookie Policy will be permanently accessible through a link to this effect located on the Portal.

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