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We accelerate and accompany companies in their business initiatives through innovation.

Commitment to

Quimera is an open innovation space created by EVM Group where all the key capabilities are brought together to make a business initiative exploit its full potential.


We are experts in finding financing solutions

We support public and private organisations in seeking and managing funds to finance their innovation projects.

European Grants

National and Regional Grants

Multilateral Funds

Fiscal aids

Cascade Funding

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We design corporate innovation and change management plans tailored to each organisation.

We drive deep corporate – cultural – and individual – mindset – change so that companies and institutions, leaders and teams can co-create a world where people matter and innovation is the norm in a disruptive BANI (Fragile, Anxious, Non-linear and Incomprehensible) environment.

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We accelerate innovation projects in the field of public management, educational innovation and data science.

We support entrepreneurs and startups through a global platform of experts and resources, helping to scale ideas and businesses.
Through a complete support model, from the definition of the business to the day-to-day operation.

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European Network
of partners

Through our extensive network of partners across Europe, we monitor funding programmes, disruptive initiatives and high-risk, competitive projects.

We are always looking for ways to improve our skills, expand services and offer more value to customers. Belonging to Chimera’s network of partners gives you the opportunity to participate in world-class programmes and projects and get the support of an experienced team, dedicated to turning ideas into value.

In most cases, projects linked to European funding must be implemented in consortia by different organisations (public or private) from several countries in Europe or the rest of the world.

EVM Group partners in figures



universidades y centros de investigación

entidades del tercer sector

empresas privadas en más de 40 países

Map of Partners

The map below shows the distribution of partners that have participated with EVM in European projects.

Spanish universities

European universities

Latin American organisations

Other European bodies

Public bodies in the Canary Islands

Private companies